Precious Tresses

Most Black women struggle to grow their hair.  I was one of those women for almost 20 years. The picture on the left was me when I first started my successful hair growth journey. The picture on the right is this year.

If someone had told me in the before picture that I would be able to grow my hair to waist length in three short years, I wouldn't have believed them. But that's just what I did. Three years may seem like a long time, but after a 20 year struggle, it was an amazing ride!

I found the secret to growing my hair. Not only that. I have been able to help countless others online and in my own life.

This is my best friend, Wilnetta.

When I first told her I was going to grow my hair, she was skeptical, but after she started seeing my progress, she decided to try too. In the picture on the left, when she started, her hair was actually shaved in the back. The picture on the right is a couple of years later.

This is my friend, Nicol:

Her hair was pretty long, but it was stuck at the same length for quite some time. Based on what I shared with her, she achieved what you see on the right after a few months.

This is my niece, Allena:

The picture on the left is from when she came to me earlier this year and said she wanted to grow her hair. The picture on the right is six months later.

Whether your hair is natural or relaxed, whether you've tried over and over again, you can grow your hair. Unless you're bald, it's growing. But for most women, it's breaking as fast as it grows.  Changing your habits and using the right products is key to retaining length.

That is where Precious Tresses comes in.  I've taken the guesswork out of it. And based on what I learned, I worked with an amazing product development company to create the Precious Tresses Quench & Drench system. Will it work for you? Answer the following questions.

• Is your hair broken and unhealthy?

• Has it been the same length for what feels like forever?

• Are you willing to try something new and maybe different from everything you've heard?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the Precious Tresses Quench & Drench system can help!!

You can try the products individually, but I really recommend that you use them together. To purchase the Quench & Drench Starter Kit, click here.