Still struggling to grow your hair?

The solution is not what you’d think... 

I'm Ready to Grow My Hair

Is this your story?

1. You’ve tried everything to grow your hair, but nothing seems to work.

2. Every time you experience a little growth, it’s followed by the sudden sensation that you’ve just gotten a hair cut...

3. You wake up with more hair on your pillow than on your head.

4. You’ve bought all the products, watched all the videos, and taken all the advice, and still your hair hasn’t grown more than an inch (if that) in years.

5. You’ve started to think your hair
just can’t grow any longer than it has already.

If you’ve tried to grow your hair
(and you’re sick of spending money on products that promise results and then fail to deliver)...

This message is for you.

There is a way to grow your hair long, strong, and healthy. And you don’t have to pay a fortune or spend hours of time every day to do it.

Hi I’m Adrienne, founder of Precious Tresses.

Hair growth used to be an issue for me. My hair wasn’t even long enough for a ponytail.

Until I cracked the code.

Three short years later, I grew my hair down to my waist. Today, I’m here to show you exactly how.

3 Years of Growth!

1. What if you could grow your hair as long as you wanted?

2. What if you could play with different styles without feeling limited by your hair’s length?

3. What if you learned exactly what to do to
take care of your hair... the right way? (Yes, there’s a right way, girl!)

4. What if it didn’t matter how you chose to wear your hair (natural, relaxed, braids, etc...) your hair always showed up long, strong, and healthy?

What if your story looked like this, instead?

1 Year of Growth!

Enter: Precious Tresses

A proven hair growth system developed by Black women, for Black women.

Message from Adrienne:

Just like you, I tried every product on the market to grow my hair.

My hair stayed the same length for almost 20 years.


I even wore a partial weave for length. I tried the latest and greatest “miracle” products. And guess what… nothing worked.

Then, I discovered that by changing the way I cared for my hair, and mixing my own hair care products I could retain my hair’s length

Once I stopped limiting my hair’s growth, I started seeing healthier, longer hair.

I took what worked for me and approached one of the finest product developers in the country.

I created my product line, Precious Tresses, and a proprietary method I call the “Quench & Drench Method” in order to share those results with you.

And, the results have been extraordinary...

Your Hair Growth Starter Kit:

The key to my Quench & Drench method (and reliable, lasting hair growth) is our Hair Growth Starter Kit. 

Step 1: Make ‘Em Gelous Moisturizing Hair Gel

Make 'Em Gelous Moisturizing Gel was designed with ingredients selected to give your hair a deeper infusion of moisture.

custom formula ensures that your hair remains hydrated in your favorite protective style.

A little goes a long way!

Step 2: Make ‘Em Melt Moisturizing Hair Butter

Make 'Em Melt Moisturizing Butter was specifically designed with ingredients that will coat the hair and seal in the moisture that you get from Make 'Em Gelous.

Focus on your ends. They need the most love!

Make 'Em Melt Moisturizing Butter can also be used for moisturizing hair, two strand twists, coils, braids, cornrows, and growing out natural hair.

The products are proven, and the method is simple.

And, when you order your Starter Kit, you’ll receive everything you need to create your own hair growth success story. 

And, it’s much more than that... 

You see, we don’t believe in sending you off with another set of products to try on your own. The hair growth journey can be extremely confusing and frustrating (to say the least).

So, when you order your Hair Growth Starter Kit, we’ll also equip you with support, guidance, and hair health education

This is just the beginning of an incredible journey for you and your precious tresses. And, we are excited to be there with you every single step of the way.

Ready to do this— for real this time? Click below to begin.