If you’ve tried to grow your hair and you’re sick of spending money on products that promise results and then fail to deliver, then this message is for you. There’s a way you can grow your own hair so it’s long and healthy. And you don’t have to pay a fortune or spend hours of time every day to do it.

Hi I’m Adrienne, founder of Precious Tresses. Hair growth used to be an issue for me. My hair wasn’t even long enough for a ponytail. 

Then three short years later I grew my hair down to my waist. How? I worked with the best chemists and developed a haircare line that would accomplish my hair growth and so many others hair growth.

Just like you, I tried every product on the market to grow my hair. I even wore a partial weave for length. I tried the latest and greatest “miracle” products.  And guess what… nothing worked. My hair stayed the same length for almost 20 years. 20 YEARS! 

What I discovered was that by changing the way I cared for my hair, and mixing my own hair care products I could retain my hair’s length. Once I stopped limiting my hair’s growth, I started seeing healthier, longer hair.

I took what worked for me and approached one of the finest product developers in the country. I created my product line, Precious Tresses, and a proprietary method I call the “Quench & Drench Method.”

The key to Quench & Drench is in my Hair Growth Kit. First, the Make ‘Em Gelous Moisturizing Hair Gel, which you apply all over your hair to quench the dryness that most Black women experience.

The second product is Make ‘Em Melt Moisturizing Hair Butter, which you apply to your ends to drench them with more moisture. Then wear your favorite protective style to allow the product to work and protect your ends.

The products are fantastic and the method is very simple. Are you ready to start your journey?  Get your Precious Tresses Hair Growth Kit today!

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