All About Carrier Oils

All About Carrier Oils

In our hair care basics series, we’ve covered everything from shampoo to conditioner to deep treatments. Today we’re going to touch on a topic that we’ve been talking a lot of in the Precious Tresses Hair Growth Challenge Group. Carrier oils don’t necessarily have to be hot for them to be included in your hair care routine. Carrier oils are great moisturizers for both hair and skin. They add slip to stiff products and add loads of shine to your hair. Carrier oils make essential oils safer to use as well! Because there are far too many carrier oils with different benefits, we’ve made a simple list for you to skim over to figure out the right carrier oil for you. Whether it be for your oil in the Liquid Oil Cream or Liquid Cream Oil method or for it to be expertly melted for a soothing hot oil treatment for your scalp.

Amla:  Promotes hair growth, softens hair, adds shine, and great for hair and skin

Argan:  Lightweight, tames frizz, adds shine, and promotes hair growth.

Apricot Kernel:  Vitamin A&E, seals ends, and treats dandruff

Avocado:  Lots of amino acids, great moisturizer, and safe for hair and skin

Black Castor:  Affordable, humectant, thickens hair, repairs split ends, and treats dandruff

Coconut:  Multi-benefit oil, affordable, mixes well with other oils, safe for hair, skin and ingestion. (Make sure it’s ph balanced for your hair)

Emu:  Prevents hair loss, softens hair, and mixes well with other oils

Evening Primrose:  Prevents hair loss & lightweight

Flaxseed:  Safe for hair and skin, reverses damages, adds shine

Grapeseed:  Hypoallergenic, absorbs quickly, adds shine, and promotes hair growth

Jojoba:  Has the same ph as skin’s sebum, promotes hair growth, and prevents hair loss  

Kukui:  Adds shine, remedies dry scalp, replenishes moisture, and safe for hair and skin(its proven to lighten scars and stretch marks!)

Macadamia:  Mimics skin’s ph, promotes hair growth, and mixes well with other oils

Neem Seed:  Multi-benefit oil, remedies dry scalp, and promotes hair growth

Olive:  Promotes hair growth, affordable, mixes well with other oils, and great for psoriasis

Sesame:  Prevents greying, promotes hair growth, repairs damage, and adds shine

Shea:  Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, softens hair, and promotes hair growth

Sweet Almond:  Natural moisturizer, prevents hair loss and hair thinning, and safe for skin, hair and ingestion

Adrienne’s Pick: Sweet Almond, Jojoba, and Olive

Myesha’s Pick: Black Castor, Grapeseed, Avocado and Olive

Now that you’re armed with the information to choose a carrier great oil, keep an eye out for my essential oil blog post next week.  Using these two together really helps to sooth scalp issues and promote hair growth! Let us know in the comment section below or in the Hair Growth Challenge Group which carrier oils you use and if we missed some good ones. Don’t forget to follow myself (Myesha Skye) and Precious Tresses on social media, and shop Precious Tresses. Use my discount code MYESHA20 for 20% off your purchase.

Keep Growth Alive :)

Myesha Skye

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