2018 Girlfriend Gift Guide

2018 Girlfriend Gift Guide

This year we wanted to provide you with a budget friendly gift guide for every babe in your life. Bonus? Most of the businesses listed are black owned!


Myesha’s Picks:


For the makeup lover: You invite her 20 minutes before your other friends come so she can help you beat your face and perfect your winged liner! She wants to glow this holiday! She deserves the Milk and Honey Palette and Brush Set from Beauty Bakerie. For 50 bucks you can get her four beautiful creamy pigmented highlighters and a super soft highlighter brush! They’re also vegan and cruelty free!

For the newly natural/transitioning girl in your life: Your girl has finally decided to put down the relaxer and started wearing her crown au natural. You’re happy for her but she’s struggling with styling. Get her a stylist sprayer. For $10 this continuous spray bottle will give her the moisture she needs to refresh her twa or to restyle that 3 day old braid out without having to wash her entire head!

For the woke friend: Your girl who always carries crystals in her bra. She was vegan before it was trendy. She vibrates on a way different frequency than everyone else. She exudes positive energy and love. She need the Good Vibes Box from Posh Candle Company. The gift box comes with a soy candle that’s appropriately named good vibes (It’s lavender and eucalyptus scented I burn it all the time it’s divine), White sage and palo santo sticks so she can smudge the bad vibes away, 3 crystals to add to her collection, and a cute book of matches that say “Stay Lit” on the box. For 35 bones you’ll provide her with a priceless piece of spirituality that she’ll be forever grateful for.

For the skin care freak: Your girl works hard for clear skin. She sees a dermatologist, an aesthetician, and an esthetician (She can also explain the difference between the two lol) in a single month. Every time she comes over for girls night she always has the latest mask or cream that you just need to try. Anything from Donata Skin Care would make a perfect gift for her but I’d recommend the Scar Butter and Pine Tar set. The 15 dollar mini set is the perfect gift for anyone trying to get clear skin. Handmade with ingredients like Haitian Moringa Oil, Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal it’s a skin care dream that she’s sure to appreciate!


Adrienne’s picks:

For me, it’s almost always about the hair.  So my recommendations are for the product junkie(s) in your life:

Most of us tend to pamper our hair, but our lonely scalps get little to no loving.  I often tell people that not taking care of your scalp is like expecting a plant that you rarely water or take care of to grow.  It makes things a lot harder. This is where the Rejuvenating Scalp Massager comes in.  This isn’t your run of the mill scalp massager either.  It’s electric and fits in the palm of your hand. Since it’s water resistant, it can be used on wet or dry hair.  I prefer to use it in the shower with my favorite shampoo. I sometimes add peppermint oil to my shampoo, which gives my scalp an extra tingle. For $40, let her know you care.

Every now and then, the hair needs more than the standard two minute “deep conditioning” that we give it in the shower.  Enter the Electric Conditioning Cap.  I think someone actually bought me one of these off my Amazon wish list many moons ago.  I simply can’t do without it. Usually on a lazy Sunday, I’ll wash my hair then add my deep conditioner and relax for an hour or two under this cap.  It helps the conditioner really penetrate the hair shaft, resulting in super soft hair. It can also be used before the wash for a rejuvenating hot oil treatment.  For $25, it’s really a bargain.

A girl loves choices.  So when it comes to conditioners, I have a couple of go-to favorites that I recommend:

  • Keracare Humecto Creme Conditioner:  I’ve been using this since the beginning of my hair journey.  I lean toward conditioners that have a thin consistency that give moisture AND slip.  This is a staple in my product cabinet. It costs about $16 for 16 ounces… worth every penny.
  • Silicon Mix Bambu Nutritive Hair Treatment:  Fancy name for this Dominican powerhouse product.  It runs $16 for 36 ounces… a steal! It contains bamboo extract, which gives moisture AND slip… You see a pattern here?  Moisture and slip make for stress free wash days.

Finally, don’t forget to pick up the Precious Tresses Starter Kit for a friend (or yourself).  The new year is just around the corner, and if your girl wants to give her hair a break from all of the styling and stress, it’s the perfect time to kick start the hair growth journey.  The Starter Kit contains a gel and hair butter combo designed to provide hold and moisture. The products along with her favorite protective style will allow her to give her hair a rest AND retain length as is grows.  Use code HOLIDAY25 to save 25%. But hurry! This offer ends on December 25th!

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