Protective Styles

Protective Styles

You will hear me say this over and over again.  I grew my hair with protective styles.  I know that you can find plenty of people who were able to grow their hair without them.  I wish I was one, but I’m not.  If you want almost guaranteed success with your hair growth, you should learn to leave it alone.  It will thank you by staying on your head.

This is me with my go to protective style.  I took the picture with white so you could see it, but I always wear black. I keep it like this all week long.  I don’t comb it at all once it’s up.  I do take it down daily to apply more product and to smooth the edges down.

I keep it simple, but you could jazz this up with a drawstring ponytail, or tie it up with a scarf to match your outfit.  Be creative to keep things interesting.

Before my hair was long enough for my beloved bun, I rocked individual braids on and off for eight months.  The thing to remember with individuals is:

  • Don’t get them braided too tight.
  • Don’t make them too small. Small braids put too much strain on your own hair, which can do more harm than good by weakening it.
  • Make sure to keep the hair and scalp clean.  That means wash and condition the braids on a regular basis (at least once every other week).  Dilute the shampoo and conditioner (50% water), which will make them easier to rinse out

Notice how these can be worn down or in a beautiful updo.

I’ve had cornrows with and without added hair.  I find that adding hair makes the style last much longer.  Depending on how long you wear them, you will probably want to wash and condition your hair.  When I washed my cornrows, I put a stocking over the style so that it wouldn’t frizz.   Again, I diluted the shampoo and conditioner so that they were easier to rinse out.
This style doesn’t give as much versatility as the cornrows above, but it’s a cute variation.
These can be worn for several days. They can also be taken out and worn loose in another great style.

Wigs are excellent because you still have access to your own hair, unlike some other styles  The key things to remember are:

  • Make sure your wig fits properly… not too tight
  • Wear a wig cap underneath to protect your own hair
  • Take it off at night to allow your scalp to breathe
  • Invest in a nice quality wig

Weaves can be great protective styles if they are properly cared for:

  • Get a sewn-in weave. DO NOT sacrifice your own hair for the sake of a style with a glued in weave… not if your goal is long, healthy hair.
  • Make sure to keep your hair and scalp clean underneath. If you don’t feel comfortable washing and conditioning it yourself, get a professional to help. It’s not good to go for long periods without washing your hair and scalp.

Of course there are many other protective styles.  These are the ones that I focus on though because you can (1) wash them and maintain the style, or (2) wear them for short periods of time and still care for your own hair and scalp.

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Roxanne

    Love this! Currently have a sewn in weave, and will be switching to cornrows for summer. I use sulfate free shampoo, distilled water and tea tree oil. Anxiously awaiting the product release.

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